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Would you like the healthiest nutrition program ever designed for runners?
A year ago, Gary Null, Ph.D, and Luanne Pennesi, RN/MS shared their decades of experience in nutrition, holistic medecine, and elite level running with a group of runners in Southern California.

The program was called Optimal Performance Athlete. And it is the first truly holistic nutrition program ever devised for marathon runners (and other endurance athletes).
In total, the program lasted over 7.5 hours of information. This was a one in a kind program, integrating the best information from holistic health with the specific nutritional needs of marathoners

It is based on Gary Null's experience coaching over 22,000 runners to finish the NYC marathon. It integrates Gary Null's 30 years of knowledge of holistic nutrition and supplements. Luanne Pennesi has been helping people implement Gary Null's health protocols for over ten years. In other words, you'll learn a health and nutrition program designed FOR RUNNERS that WORKS!

It will change your life. Just like it did the lives of the runners in Southern California.

These are some of the highlights of the Optimal Performance Program:
  • In Volume One, you'll learn how to start a running program, compensate for the damage of long distance training, and the power of antioxidants for runners.
  • In Volume Two, you'll learn the essentials of a healthy diet, delicious foods to eat, and how to defeat the excuses preventing your best performance.
  • In Volume Three, you'll learn the mindset behind staying on your nutrition program, how to avoid backsliding into old habits, and a simple formula for antioxidants.
  • In Volume Four, you'll learn a comprehensive program of supplements you should be taking on daily basis as a runner, including protein shakes, green juices, and fiber shakes.
  • In Volume Five, Gary Null shares strategies you can use before race day, during race day, and post race to optimize your performance and race results.
So try out just Volume One. See the results in your health. Then go ahead and try the rest of the program.

Runners that improve every year are the runners that learn new strategies and IMPLEMENT them in their training. So take your running to the next level, you'll see a huge difference by trying out just a few of these ideas.

Train focused,
Steve Mackel and Gary Smith
Coaches of the SoleRunners, Southern California
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Coach Steve Mackel and Coach Gary Smith of SoleRunners:
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