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Gary Null's, Ph.D qualifications as a coach and athlete:
  • Has a Ph.D in human nutrition and public health science.
  • Has been the leading voice on the radio for holistic health and advocacy for 35 years.
  • Is an world class expert on nutrition, supplementation, and anti-aging.
  • Has trained over 22,000 runners to finish the New York City Marathon.
  • Has won or finished first in his age group in his last 350 races!!!
  • Coaches many world class athletes (including many masters level athletes).
You can learn more about Gary Null's radio show and products at:
Luanne Pennesi's, RN/MS qualifications as a nutrition coach and athlete:
  • Has been implementing and coaching people through Gary Null protocols for the last 10 years.
  • Is a registered and highly experienced nurse in both traditional Western medicine AND holistic medicine/protocols.
  • Is an accomplished athlete, won silver medal at the world games in race walking.
  • Has finished the NYC marathon.
  • Consulted and coached people to health using Gary Null's health protocols for the last ten years.
  • Was herself suffering from multiple ailments and conditions until she turned her health around using Gary Null's protocols
You can learn more about Gary Null's radio show and products at:
The hosts of the program are Steve Mackel and Gary Smith. They are the co-coaches of the SoleRunners Marathon Training program in Southern California. They have coached over a 1,000 runners to finish marathons. They are both ChiRunning instructors and yoga teachers. They are both accomplished marathoners and champion trail runners.

You can learn more about their training programs at:
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