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Volume One
Gary Null, Ph.D & Luanne Pennesi, RN/MS: Optimum Performance Athlete, Vol. 1 Getting Started on a Health Protocol
Optimal Performance Athlete
Volume One: Getting Started on a Health Protocol
Handouts for Volume One
In CD One: Getting Started you will learn:
How important mental training is in the athletic equation.
How you should overcompensate for the wear and tear of marathoning.
The exact way you should be focusing your training (i.e what percentage mental, what percentage nutrition, or what percentage exercise).
Ways to conquer the part of your mind that prevents you from getting out and running.
The science behind why runners age quickly and specific proven ways to prevent premature aging as you train for your marathon.
How to process your negative emotions so that you stay happier and more fulfilled with your running.
The danger of free radical production in runners after long runs and the basic process of how to compensate for the wear and tear of running.
A specific list of antioxidants you should take five times a day to heal your body, reduce inflammation, and promote quick muscle recovery.
Why some great runners like Jim Fixx have dropped dead from a heart attack and how you can get all the benefits of running without experiencing any of the harms.
The basic tools of recovery to use after long runs to maximize your healing time so you can get out and do another long run pain and injury free.
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