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Volume Two
Gary Null, Ph.D & Luanne Pennesi, RN/MS: Optimal Performance Athlete, Vol. 2 Defeating the Excuses in Your Life
Optimum Performance Athlete
Volume Two: Defeating the Excuses in Your Life
Handouts for Volume Two
In this CD, Gary Null and Luanne Pennesi give a comprehensive introduction into a few keys areas for runners: the basics of a vegan, healthy diet; many different food creative delicious food ideas, and pre/post workout nutrition formulas.
In this Part of the Program you'll learn:
Three ways to motivate yourself to make running into a joyful experience that you are committed to doing rain or shine.
How to quit counting calories and eat all you want of certain foods (and what foods you can eat in an unlimited amount).
The four primary excuses people use to prevent working out and becoming better runners (and the easy ways to overcome these excuses).
The basic food groups to begin eating for a healthy, holistic vegan diet (you'll need to know these to transition away from meat, dairy, and sugars).
The difference between steaming, juicing, blending, or frying vegetables and when any why you should use each process (to get the most nutrition from your vegetables).
A simple journaling process to stop self sabotaging behaviors from creeping up and derailing your nutritional progress.
A detailed discussion of vitamin C and how much you should be taking before your runs and after (hint: it's a lot more than you think).
Which of Gary Null's products has the highest antioxidant values and why and how you should be taking this in your training schedule.
The single question you must ask yourself before a marathon training program that will ensure you can put 100% of your best effort into it (answering this question will help you balance your work and family with your training).
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